The Brides Bodyguard by Elisabeth Thornton Bekas

The Brides Bodyguard by Elisabeth Thornton Bekas
Jual novel The Brides Bodyguard by Elisabeth Thornton Bekas, Novel Import ini cocok untuk anda yang lebih suka sastra inggris. Berikut ini sinopsisnya. Yang dikutip dari web pengarang. Tessa Lorimer thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world. After a bitter, harrowing childhood, she had escaped her guardian’s clutches and fled to her wealthy, doting grandfather.

Pengarang Elisabeth Thornton
Kondisi bekas
Rp 40,000,-

For the first time in her life, Tessa is spoiled — yet one thing blights her happiness. Her grandfather’s new secretary, the mysterious and magnetic Ross Trevenan, has too much influence with the aging financier. And in Trevenan’s eyes, Tessa can do nothing right. But she suspects there is more to the cool, gray-eyed American’s plans than replacing her in an old man’s affections. And when a tragedy from the past returns to stalk the present, Tessa’s time may have run out

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