And One Rode West by Heather Graham Bekas

And One Rode West by Heather Graham Bekas
And One Rode West by Heather Graham Bekas
Jual Novel And One Rode West by Heather Graham Bekas. Salah satu novel import yang harus anda koleksi. Novel ini cocok untuk anda yang hobby membaca novel bahasa Inggris. Apalagi jika anda sedang belajar bahasa Inggris. Novel import murah ini dapat anda beli pada toko buku online kami. Berikut ini sinopsis yang di kutip dari web pengarang.

A regal beauty with raven hair and piercing blue eyes, Christa Cameron suffered the indignities of defeat in the Civil War's bitter aftermath, her spirit unvanquished and her hatred of the victorious enemy undiminished. When marriage to a Yankee officer was the only way to save her plantation from confiscation, Christa coaxed Colonel Jeremy McCauley into a legal union, promising herself to keep her pride and purity intact. But her virile bridegroom had other ideas.

Pengarang Heather Graham
Kondisi Bekas
Rp 40,000,-

Succumbing to her courageous husband's russet-haired, silver-eyed appeal, Christa rode west with the cavalry but remained a Rebel in her heart. Embarking on a trail off stampeding buffalo and wild Indians, a flower of the southern aristocracy was forced to play the part of loyal army wife. But it was only as a savage's hostage that Christa learned the startling depths of her new husband's devotion--and the extraordinary power of freedom--as she vowed to make the West her home... and to build a new world on the ashes of the old

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