Thursday, October 27, 2016

Seduce Me by Carly Phillips Bekas

Jual Novel Seduce Me by Carly Phillips Bekas, Pengarang sudah terlanjur terkenal pengarang novel romantis. Untuk anda yang lebih suka baca novel bahasa Inggris, novel ini cocok untuk dikoleksi. Novel dapat anda beli pada toko buku online kami. Berikut ini sinopsisnya, yang dikutip dari web pengarang.

Lawyer Mallory Sinclair wants a partnership — almost as much as she wants fellow attorney Jack Latham. Unfortunately, she’s worked so hard at making it in a man’s world, that nobody’s aware that she’s even a woman — a very sensual woman. But Jack’s about to find out, big time. Because Mallory’s about to send him an invitation he can’t refuse…

Pengarang Carly Phillips
Kondisi Bekas
Rp 40,000,-

Jack can’t believe it! Underneath Mallory’s power suits lies a temptress—one determined to seduce him! Not that Jack’s complaining… Only, this new Mallory is so uninhibited, so blatantly sexy, Jack can’t help wondering if he’s sleeping with a stranger, instead of the colleague he’s known for years. Still, he’d like their liaison to continue — if only he knew which woman would end up sharing his bed…

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